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Continued on Next Rock26-08-2013 21:06:40Books
A to Z links in PHP07-05-2013 18:29:57PHP
Eeeeek! The end is nigh!14-03-2013 23:44:17Google
The just world fallacy and why we should always examine out own minds21-08-2012 23:05:19Rationality
Metal madness03-03-2012 17:00:16Music
My life with Apple07-10-2011 12:18:02Apple
Proud20-08-2011 15:05:51Personal
Youpi no more?11-07-2011 18:44:35Apple
More introversion24-06-2011 12:31:50Biology
About introversion24-06-2011 12:06:01Biology
Galápagos Sea Lion playing04-06-2011 23:47:05Biology
Balvenie Peated Cask23-05-2011 14:26:44Food and drink
Presumed lying22-05-2011 11:28:29Ramblings
Liveblogging the Rapture20-05-2011 23:56:40Atheism
This made my day21-04-2011 18:30:11Personal
Many visitors left confused13-04-2011 15:42:55Sitenews
Carrock carrock30-03-2011 17:55:08Books
ConfusaPad09-03-2011 17:58:50Apple
Procrastination06-02-2011 15:08:35Ramblings
Astronomy picture of the day script changed02-02-2011 17:51:55Mac OS X
More 3D!26-01-2011 15:08:01Movies
On 3D movies25-01-2011 15:42:36Movies
Colourful stuff24-11-2010 18:15:03Biology
Gott ist tot17-11-2010 22:41:41Music
Heroes of L-space23-10-2010 17:41:10Libraries
Delicious Irony13-10-2010 18:34:12Irony
Mind like a sieve01-10-2010 14:13:13Atheism
Eeek!30-09-2010 17:53:49Ramblings
Spelling suggestion ftw!21-09-2010 16:24:22Atheism
Galápagos pictures02-08-2010 15:03:40Biology
Thoughts on a plane01-08-2010 10:01:37Holidays
Inde$troy11-07-2010 16:56:05Music
Are you just pleased to see me?24-06-2010 15:39:51Biology
Eeek!14-06-2010 16:40:13Apple
Customer support win14-06-2010 15:27:09Ramblings
He just needed a hug10-06-2010 17:45:36Movies
A cure has been found01-06-2010 17:45:06Atheism
This is probably why I'm single01-06-2010 12:34:49Rationality
Head and neck injury risks in heavy metal28-05-2010 14:08:53Music
Eeek!22-05-2010 17:36:44Virtual Pet Rock
Draw Mohammed Day20-05-2010 18:35:24Atheism
Fear and Loathing in Kitteh County19-05-2010 17:33:16Movies
Darwin, Humanism and Science18-05-2010 18:21:00Rationality
Oook!14-05-2010 17:55:28Biology
Unexpected readingmaterial01-05-2010 13:06:48Books
Scary stuff26-04-2010 16:05:58Rationality
Dealing with an insane pope26-04-2010 13:44:41Atheism
Star Wood Brick Firmament14-04-2010 18:23:31Music
Götterdämmerung14-04-2010 17:47:27Apple
Pea Soup25-03-2010 01:28:50Personal
The Museum of Life20-03-2010 15:42:50Biology
How I became an atheist - pt. 315-03-2010 11:39:31Atheism
Fireside hot chocolate25-02-2010 13:50:34Funny
How I became an atheist - pt. 224-02-2010 03:47:06Atheism
How I became an atheist - pt. 124-02-2010 02:31:23Atheism
All you need to know about DRM24-02-2010 01:06:46Ramblings
The stupidity, it burns19-02-2010 03:33:51Biology
I Aten't Dead18-02-2010 12:30:30Rationality
Winter16-02-2010 15:49:21Music
Do Olympic athletes dream of lost worms?14-02-2010 11:20:19TV
Use your words!01-02-2010 16:27:52Atheism
Clipart sucks, you should use it too!11-01-2010 16:39:26Ramblings
Open letters10-01-2010 13:26:04Funny
awww nuts09-01-2010 13:51:52Food and drink
The number of the beast12-12-2009 22:32:17Music
Ronflonflon06-12-2009 13:31:07History
Rare Exports, part 205-12-2009 15:12:10Movies
Hamster in Tutu Shuts Down Large Hadron Collider10-11-2009 15:02:45Funny
Browser games - minireviews21-10-2009 12:52:09Games
On Malthus17-10-2009 13:58:51Biology
Unimpressed13-10-2009 18:49:48Virtual Pet Rock
Real artists ship10-10-2009 00:29:27Apple
Getting things done?06-10-2009 11:33:54Education
Ouch30-09-2009 13:55:19Ramblings
Arrr!!! me hearties19-09-2009 21:02:18Games
Going crazy03-09-2009 19:15:39Education
rawr31-08-2009 19:08:41Apple
After the rapture comes31-08-2009 11:22:27Atheism
How to influence aliens19-08-2009 15:24:00Ramblings
Now where did I put that soap?31-07-2009 15:37:56Funny
Guide to Surviving Windows 728-07-2009 00:30:19Apple
Apple in league with maffia18-07-2009 13:30:48Apple
The Revolution11-07-2009 08:59:11Music
Some preliminary thoughts about Google OS08-07-2009 17:44:09Google
Oh my god, grandfather has turned into a pineapple!23-06-2009 21:20:07Biology
oh opera22-06-2009 11:50:33Webdesign
*tumbleweeds*15-05-2009 12:15:12Ramblings
On photoshop's native file format06-05-2009 10:17:00Funny
Laughing all the way to the bank31-03-2009 11:01:16Rationality
Conversion?27-03-2009 12:09:47Virtual Pet Rock
On the classification of animals24-03-2009 16:30:06Biology
Ye canna change the laws of physics!20-03-2009 11:44:35Games
The iceage cometh09-03-2009 09:44:07
Stem cell research is bad hmmkay?25-02-2009 09:49:21Funny
Safari 4, srsly?25-02-2009 09:04:18Apple
OOOkBeer21-02-2009 03:22:06Food and drink
Grow!06-02-2009 10:12:44Games
Adobe Gripes06-02-2009 10:05:48Funny
Fluff07-01-2009 22:44:31Funny
Barcelona01-01-2009 15:34:05Holidays
VPR back online30-12-2008 13:39:30Virtual Pet Rock
An unfortunate position01-12-2008 20:28:09Funny
Going into politics27-11-2008 10:25:14Games
:cry:07-11-2008 13:43:36Games
Azerty is teh suck27-10-2008 11:06:44Apple
Adding forms in MCMS03-11-2008 10:49:38Webdesign
It's true if it's in the news22-10-2008 14:56:07Ramblings
Wordsplosion04-10-2008 10:05:23Funny
APOD desktop app01-10-2008 22:56:14Apple
Nation27-09-2008 11:37:07Books
User generated content gone wrong18-09-2008 12:36:06Webdesign
We come in peace15-09-2008 22:08:17Games
Well, that's it then...13-09-2008 15:53:24Funny
Fantastic Contraption05-09-2008 14:47:11Games
Who put the goat in there?05-09-2008 14:45:26Funny
Unhindered by Talent05-09-2008 14:32:16Music
Astro tv02-09-2008 07:59:18Rationality
Old memories01-09-2008 23:04:46Ramblings
Recipe for disaster01-09-2008 22:58:28Food and drink
Library on iPhone, pt. 221-08-2008 15:39:00Apple
Library on iPhone20-08-2008 18:18:40Apple
???15-08-2008 00:47:38Funny
Human Vision10-08-2008 11:56:35Biology
Back, sorta09-08-2008 12:47:39Music
Longevity of Pet Rocks05-08-2008 11:40:05Virtual Pet Rock
Darwin year26-07-2008 13:26:23Biology
The previously promised movie news is here!18-07-2008 01:13:45Movies
Technology! Whisky! Sexy!12-07-2008 10:25:09Apple
High Broad Field28-06-2008 02:41:24Music
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the boring skull20-06-2008 01:55:47Movies
I too am an Intelligent Designer19-06-2008 14:02:16Games
iNnovation19-06-2008 02:39:20Webdesign
iMobile?17-06-2008 17:31:16Apple
Happy Days13-06-2008 15:32:55Food and drink
World of World of Warcraft10-06-2008 18:17:56Games
Being Cool10-06-2008 18:08:03Ramblings
Interactive Christian Training Simulator29-05-2008 16:06:24Atheism
String Cheese19-05-2008 10:10:24Funny
my 10 week old female puppy has a fishy smell16-05-2008 15:26:33Ramblings
Platypussies10-05-2008 18:43:14Biology
Darwin is alive!30-04-2008 15:31:09Biology
Gaming news27-04-2008 18:24:43Games
On resetting browser styles18-04-2008 11:12:56Webdesign
phpBB, aaaaargh16-04-2008 20:44:40Virtual Pet Rock
Zat which does not kill us makes us stronk13-04-2008 02:04:57Rationality
Awesome stuff coming up12-04-2008 23:58:20Music
On the Mortality Rate of Red Shirts11-04-2008 13:00:57TV
The King of Dustflatworms08-04-2008 14:24:34Apple
We need more space!07-04-2008 22:42:07Apple
Periodic Elements03-04-2008 17:02:36Education
Weird stuff19-03-2008 11:22:14Ramblings
HB-NS 1.3 released11-03-2008 15:11:50PHP
Regular Expressions makes my night09-03-2008 03:03:59MySQL
Broke at 6504-03-2008 14:27:44Ramblings
We let these people vote?04-03-2008 12:28:03Ramblings
Backpedalling04-03-2008 11:07:54Webdesign
Afraid of Religion29-02-2008 22:59:33Atheism
How to destroy the Earth23-02-2008 21:09:48Funny
Real, the laughing stock of Mac development23-02-2008 12:12:35Apple
Breaking the web21-02-2008 11:34:32Webdesign
100C07-02-2008 10:37:54Rationality
Alternative Aviation05-02-2008 15:58:14Rationality
Life in Cold Blood05-02-2008 00:04:35Biology
woops28-01-2008 15:22:33Sitenews
Hot lesbian action!28-01-2008 15:16:13Sitenews
Madness!28-01-2008 15:14:03Virtual Pet Rock
Apple stole the design for the MacBook Air!28-01-2008 15:13:04Apple
Altogether Ooky18-01-2008 15:08:46TV
Holy Crap15-01-2008 12:07:44Atheism
It's hard to compete with free10-01-2008 12:12:29XML
Fluffy08-01-2008 12:59:28Libraries
He jeh!08-01-2008 10:10:24Music
iCab 401-01-2008 12:55:32Mac OS X
omg, there are more Candy Diamonds!21-12-2007 02:41:10Sitenews
iCab 417-12-2007 19:12:22Mac OS X
Blogging friends17-12-2007 18:49:44Webdesign
2417-12-2007 16:34:47TV
About the secret underground black market in the library14-12-2007 14:14:35Libraries
eeep13-12-2007 01:08:45Books
Free stuff12-12-2007 16:44:09Mac OS X
Homegrown libraries12-12-2007 15:15:44Books
And then my head exploded10-12-2007 18:49:05MySQL
Weird Terminal commands10-12-2007 12:48:43Mac OS X
More on banning women08-12-2007 15:30:47Ramblings
Time to emigrate?05-12-2007 20:53:57Atheism
External Delivery03-12-2007 09:40:10Rationality
Harder than you think30-11-2007 12:51:02Webdesign
interesting30-11-2007 12:30:39Funny
Nice quote30-11-2007 12:24:57Education
Who needs a supermodel?30-11-2007 00:44:16Funny
In Search of Perfection27-11-2007 23:21:52Food and drink
Assorted Pet Rock links23-11-2007 01:04:09Virtual Pet Rock
The bee's knees22-11-2007 02:17:22Webdesign
Funny T-shirt for designers22-11-2007 00:51:00Funny
Death - and beyond21-11-2007 16:16:45Ramblings
Further irrational thoughts19-11-2007 15:03:22Rationality
Buggy 802.1X in Leopard14-11-2007 17:01:16Mac OS X
Creation museum slideshow13-11-2007 15:58:49Funny
Folk == Sex13-11-2007 11:55:51Funny
The blinking! It has stopped!13-11-2007 11:52:03Mac OS X
Review: Sieben - Ogham Inside the Night (2005)11-11-2007 18:36:43Music
WoW video: Kael'Thas11-11-2007 13:02:13Games
The God Delusion in a nutshell09-11-2007 12:31:06Atheism
Apache2 in Leopard07-11-2007 11:39:04Mac OS X
Innumeracy07-11-2007 09:51:23Education
Time Machine06-11-2007 09:44:17Mac OS X
Get your daily vitamins03-11-2007 15:47:28Games
The blinking! Make it stop!29-10-2007 23:23:50Webdesign
Some good things about religions26-10-2007 21:07:54Atheism
IM IN UR SOURCE19-10-2007 14:03:46Webdesign
Back of the Bible15-10-2007 23:44:05Atheism
Slight change to the comment moderation14-10-2007 12:43:11Sitenews
Watching Bats11-10-2007 13:24:32Music
The need for fuel10-10-2007 00:23:24History
New coat: a review06-10-2007 05:19:55Ramblings
loltheist02-10-2007 20:36:50Atheism
The humanity!11-09-2007 18:36:17Education
Pipes!21-06-2007 10:52:47XML
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Socks!19-06-2007 10:16:05Ramblings
Zeldman on HTML email12-06-2007 16:15:21Ramblings
B Mashina29-05-2007 18:33:24Music
Early Man or not23-04-2007 17:55:19Biology
Revenge of Pet Rock31-03-2007 14:53:03Funny
Drink a pint of milk a day...22-03-2007 13:28:09Games
Painful watching20-03-2007 16:57:00Movies
open letter to commentspammers14-02-2007 00:03:17Sitenews
Jobs on DRM07-02-2007 10:33:49Music
Oh noes! Even more silence19-01-2007 00:32:44Music
Silence18-01-2007 19:06:23Apple
New MacPros around the corner?11-01-2007 11:10:22Apple
Comments moderated13-12-2006 22:53:12Sitenews
Zefrank06-12-2006 00:45:54Funny
The Enigmo Frustration11-11-2006 14:09:18Games
Rocket Mania25-10-2006 00:58:40Games
Googvid07-10-2006 23:56:41Music
Comment Spam21-09-2006 09:46:37Sitenews
Yarrrrrr!!!!19-09-2006 09:42:04History
iPod Games18-09-2006 16:26:20Games
Rediscovering the past14-09-2006 15:05:54Education
oooo, shiny07-09-2006 09:58:25Apple
work work21-08-2006 11:05:29Ramblings
Wow, just wow21-07-2006 10:12:52Webdesign
Feelings19-07-2006 12:37:53Virtual Pet Rock
The internet is for ...13-07-2006 19:26:12Games
Goodbye cron06-07-2006 11:15:25Mac OS X
Technophobia03-07-2006 12:58:59Webdesign
Create the biggest sandwich28-06-2006 09:54:27Funny
Mimi15-06-2006 15:26:12XML
tell it like it is09-06-2006 01:51:34Funny
Sortable datatables31-05-2006 12:08:25Webdesign
Random thoughts about King Kong (Jackson)28-05-2006 01:18:29Movies
Broken as designed23-05-2006 17:23:06Ramblings
Oh dear19-05-2006 11:41:40Music
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt28-04-2006 14:56:12Games
Podpeople28-04-2006 14:12:01Apple
Amen21-04-2006 17:05:37Ramblings
Startling news leaves Mac-users baffled19-04-2006 11:29:04Funny
Pretty print JavaScript12-04-2006 12:47:44Webdesign
Complaining about the weather27-03-2006 15:42:17Ramblings
Duck Season23-03-2006 12:08:05Ramblings
Wow, just wow10-03-2006 21:11:49Movies
Incubus Dreams06-03-2006 09:54:53Books
Folder Actions28-02-2006 15:09:35AppleScript
haha13-02-2006 18:27:12Sitenews
Past future12-02-2006 20:48:45Books
I always _knew_ the world revolved around me...09-02-2006 01:23:49Ramblings
Hum06-02-2006 12:27:55Ramblings
Disconnected10-01-2006 12:41:38Ramblings
40 things that only happen in movies29-12-2005 16:44:25Movies
Spyware comedy20-12-2005 09:57:18Funny
Seasonal greetings19-12-2005 19:36:53Ramblings
Rare Exports Inc.17-12-2005 22:15:47Movies
Famous at last16-12-2005 16:26:20Virtual Pet Rock
Netinfo woes24-11-2005 12:30:57Mac OS X
Here be chickens16-11-2005 14:34:35Funny
Pretty dumb14-11-2005 11:06:18Ramblings
Host your own PHP urldecoder30-10-2005 10:48:29PHP
Calendar code27-10-2005 12:50:56PHP
Free idea for Apple13-10-2005 15:43:16Mac OS X
A blow against capitalism05-10-2005 12:30:33Ramblings
div#columns29-09-2005 10:07:29Webdesign
Yarrrrr...19-09-2005 09:17:06Funny
Dimension Hatröss07-09-2005 18:13:17Music
A nation of crackpots06-09-2005 14:56:02Ramblings
content linking06-09-2005 10:02:14Webdesign
Weirdness03-08-2005 23:42:12Ramblings
Don't make me think!11-07-2005 17:01:13Webdesign
Site is back07-07-2005 18:35:36Sitenews
Evil Pet Rock24-06-2005 17:27:11Virtual Pet Rock
Glowing fish20-06-2005 15:26:59Biology
Not for the faint of heart16-06-2005 09:19:10Music
Urldecoder14-06-2005 09:33:56PHP
Good fun had by all14-06-2005 08:08:07Games
Historical purchasing power09-06-2005 10:55:33Useless Statistics
Forms07-06-2005 16:43:54Webdesign
Curse these eyes01-06-2005 14:07:01Biology
Dashboard31-05-2005 14:34:57Mac OS X
Obituary28-05-2005 04:26:11Music
Steal this idea27-05-2005 12:37:46Ramblings
A Worlde Gonne Madde23-05-2005 13:23:07Movies
XSS23-05-2005 12:51:35Webdesign
The art of not telling17-05-2005 09:49:19Education
Oh, Martha!09-05-2005 19:38:14Music
Time for a career change?28-04-2005 14:58:13Useless Statistics
Bye bye Macromedia19-04-2005 14:55:24Dreamweaver
iTunes database to MySQL pt. V18-04-2005 16:33:17MySQL
Uldaman10-04-2005 14:54:40Games
Scarlet Monastary04-04-2005 23:35:36Games
Songs For Cabriolets04-04-2005 23:19:14Music
Mounted01-04-2005 01:33:33Games
WoW29-03-2005 14:31:11Games
Odd code21-03-2005 15:01:48PHP
When automation goes bad20-03-2005 23:53:20Dreamweaver
Ouch10-03-2005 16:48:36Movies
Heavy metal umlaut09-03-2005 17:24:17Music
Condom EULA07-03-2005 19:10:33Funny
Movies24-02-2005 09:59:28Google
Nothing much to say23-02-2005 18:11:05Ramblings
A Gazillion invites14-02-2005 20:05:26Ramblings
Podcasting introduction14-02-2005 13:48:28Ramblings
In Dreams14-02-2005 10:00:17Ramblings
Content MiSmanagement09-02-2005 22:59:37Webdesign
New NetNewsWire News08-02-2005 10:45:49Mac OS X
Annoying02-02-2005 10:16:13Ramblings
Jazzed Up29-01-2005 10:44:58Music
Synesthesia22-01-2005 11:58:06Music
Library systems are finally entering the 21st century20-01-2005 22:34:50Education
The little people20-01-2005 14:26:20Ramblings
Underwhelmed19-01-2005 15:03:55Virtual Pet Rock
Free stuff eq. cool18-01-2005 18:14:08Music
Keeping Mr. Jobs fed13-01-2005 19:57:10Music
A curious thing13-01-2005 19:43:10Mac OS X
Pushing $100,00009-01-2005 17:46:16Useless Statistics
Marvellous technology07-01-2005 01:37:56Webdesign
Need stats?09-01-2005 17:53:52Useless Statistics
Technology gone wrong05-01-2005 14:03:27Webdesign
Logging errors with PHP02-01-2005 15:32:01PHP
Dinochrome Resurrected29-12-2004 15:15:56Music
Diseases of the mindsess29-12-2004 11:24:40Books
We don't need no stinking talent27-12-2004 01:28:26Music
Average playcount09-01-2005 17:53:08Useless Statistics
Wooooo!24-12-2004 01:12:35Mac OS X
Virtual linkage23-12-2004 18:03:35Virtual Pet Rock
Still Windows-less18-12-2004 12:35:14Ramblings
Timelessness15-12-2004 12:28:40Ramblings
The Inspiration Particle07-12-2004 18:36:01Perl
Backing up03-12-2004 02:04:34Mac OS X
Mold spiders02-12-2004 17:22:39Biology
Debugging switches in Perl02-12-2004 12:07:22Perl
Finally!30-11-2004 20:05:32Ramblings
Full disclosure30-11-2004 18:39:41Webdesign
RFC822 formatted dates25-11-2004 17:20:37Perl
It's only a theory24-11-2004 08:22:42Biology
Net::SMTP23-11-2004 20:32:53Perl
Yummy factoids about books18-11-2004 22:32:11Books
Funny how things change16-11-2004 19:06:51Webdesign
How to buy a digital camera16-11-2004 07:54:32Ramblings
Pungent Stench - Ampeauty13-11-2004 10:14:47Music
Watching for Opener04-11-2004 12:33:46Mac OS X
Bluish 1.0.1. released28-10-2004 10:47:49Mac OS X
R.I.P John Peel26-10-2004 23:45:55Music
ITunes Music Store NL26-10-2004 18:27:28Music
Bluish 10125-10-2004 17:13:14Mac OS X
Bluish24-10-2004 12:59:58Mac OS X
On fonts20-10-2004 13:26:46Webdesign
Tiredness14-10-2004 12:02:22Ramblings
Peculiar people03-10-2004 23:40:41Ramblings
Webprofessionals of the world rejoice, your job is secure01-10-2004 18:50:32Webdesign
yahoo2mbox27-09-2004 21:04:38Perl
Marvin the Paranoid Android26-09-2004 12:30:52Music
Quick and dirty passwords25-09-2004 04:19:36PHP
substr() bug in Internet Explorer20-09-2004 18:44:35Webdesign
Mindshare vs. marketshare11-09-2004 22:53:08Apple
She's Back...11-09-2004 22:41:30Apple
Unwanted visitors11-09-2004 22:30:39Webdesign
Mail on 40407-09-2004 12:25:30PHP
Promotional Coolness07-09-2004 09:12:49Virtual Pet Rock
Hear hear!06-09-2004 10:46:58Education
Random thought of the day06-09-2004 10:27:17Ramblings
Poor poor Angua03-09-2004 15:50:44Apple
Stung02-09-2004 15:08:43Biology
Text Factory31-08-2004 15:54:59Mac OS X
Buzzy azzzz a bee31-08-2004 09:23:43Ramblings
Hardworking friends28-08-2004 11:15:50Music
Special Offer27-08-2004 16:14:58Virtual Pet Rock
Comedy Gold26-08-2004 17:06:14Music
Filemaker loves Discworld26-08-2004 15:45:00Books
A few links26-08-2004 01:23:35Biology
New boots25-08-2004 19:00:47Ramblings
A Forgotten Itch20-08-2004 05:30:38Ramblings
iTunes Print Playlist19-08-2004 11:16:45AppleScript
SleepyTime18-08-2004 08:33:49AppleScript
Public Domain Images13-08-2004 13:14:08Ramblings
SQLite in OS X 10.412-08-2004 11:17:36Mac OS X
Rock Spotting Tour 200411-08-2004 12:20:16Virtual Pet Rock
Banana Strippers: Candy Diamond09-08-2004 09:14:16Sitenews
Filthy, Rich and Catflap07-08-2004 10:46:27Movies
Tom Sawyer06-08-2004 04:04:17Music
Text-shadow06-08-2004 02:31:49Webdesign
Automating the web05-08-2004 17:21:28Webdesign
Permission denied!04-08-2004 02:07:49Mac OS X
New RSS feed creator03-08-2004 14:59:01Sitenews
Stuff that just works(TM)01-08-2004 13:17:21Mac OS X
On banana-y goodness30-07-2004 18:41:30Ramblings
Addendum to madness23-07-2004 23:19:42Ramblings
On Placebo's23-07-2004 03:35:59Biology
It makes me mad!!!22-07-2004 08:04:22Ramblings
Newsscript 1.1.8 still imminent20-07-2004 16:43:42PHP
Style!09-01-2005 17:53:30Useless Statistics
Things you shouldn't really say16-07-2004 15:06:22Ramblings
Prophecy of Doom16-07-2004 02:25:47Music
NewsScript Version 1.1.8 imminent15-07-2004 13:40:15PHP
Q and A time14-07-2004 19:23:23Ramblings
Growing stuff14-07-2004 18:27:39Virtual Pet Rock
Films seen this year (number of)09-07-2004 02:58:32AppleScript
Look at the pretty pictures09-07-2004 00:54:50Ramblings
set newbie to yes09-07-2004 02:12:52AppleScript
Quit while you're ahead04-07-2004 11:01:14Games
Useless software02-07-2004 15:55:55PHP
The Little Book of Calm01-07-2004 22:37:25Books
That Darn Squid God29-06-2004 22:16:51Books
NoMeansNo23-06-2004 15:55:02Music
Inner biologist speaks out23-06-2004 15:32:21Biology
The Creeping Terror18-06-2004 16:33:13Movies
Intervention18-06-2004 12:29:15Webdesign
Deprived12-06-2004 01:18:13Ramblings
God of thunder... hear my call11-06-2004 01:37:43Music
Fanmail08-06-2004 09:34:17Virtual Pet Rock
Blame canada04-06-2004 16:05:05Webdesign
Visualizing chaos04-06-2004 02:08:03Movies
Where Streetcleaner represents a way of life03-06-2004 13:28:50Music
OOOkTunes released28-05-2004 22:56:11Music
iPod Firewire cable28-05-2004 13:55:30Music
exciting stuff28-05-2004 01:38:23Movies
Dinos roaming the earth25-05-2004 14:16:08Ramblings
iTunes database to MySQL pt. IV22-05-2004 11:23:13MySQL
Crap with funny comments16-05-2004 00:08:20Music
In Battle There Is No law14-05-2004 02:44:23Music
read this or the stupid fox gets it11-05-2004 21:10:44Ramblings
Validate Me11-05-2004 16:08:27Webdesign
Repeat !!10-05-2004 15:18:08Mac OS X
USB Floppy RAID08-05-2004 14:25:19Mac OS X
speed of light variable07-05-2004 02:55:38Webdesign
Problems come in threes05-05-2004 15:45:08Ramblings
magic-quotes-gpc02-05-2004 17:15:58PHP
Storage Sweet Storage02-05-2004 12:29:03Ramblings
Reign in Darkness01-05-2004 22:12:27Movies
Saucy flirt28-04-2004 17:24:35Ramblings
Two useful PHP tricks27-04-2004 17:15:51PHP
60's horror sci-fi in the modern age26-04-2004 18:38:47Movies
Downloads Pet Virtual24-04-2004 11:05:13Virtual Pet Rock
Connected23-04-2004 13:19:39Mac OS X
Open URL in iCab09-07-2004 02:12:52AppleScript
Open URL in Safari09-07-2004 02:12:52AppleScript
Whoah!19-04-2004 13:28:09Ramblings
Hamster MIDI18-04-2004 13:21:17Music
New Oven16-04-2004 19:02:57Ramblings
Music, Sweet Music16-04-2004 18:52:13Music
NewsScript Version 1.1.6 is online11-04-2004 01:22:13PHP
Black Books10-04-2004 11:51:31Movies
Metal bandwidth09-04-2004 02:48:36Music
Pretty nifty05-04-2004 19:59:20Google
Newsscript update02-04-2004 19:37:58PHP
The death of the semantic web pt. II02-04-2004 14:06:09Webdesign
Virtual Pet Rock to be ported to Windows01-04-2004 00:01:12Virtual Pet Rock
Boring? Not really.31-03-2004 00:18:25Ramblings
Fun with Applescript's 'set'09-07-2004 02:12:52AppleScript
Logged again24-03-2004 17:00:17Mac OS X
Odd04-07-2004 11:04:37Games
Newsscript update14-03-2004 14:56:06PHP
Logged!09-03-2004 18:50:09Mac OS X
Squeaky clean09-03-2004 14:53:58Webdesign
The death of the semantic web pt. I09-03-2004 10:08:57Webdesign
Hectic05-03-2004 11:29:18Education
Unscrupulous Bastards04-03-2004 18:45:32PHP
More happyness04-03-2004 08:14:30Sitenews
Managing your assets28-02-2004 12:31:47XML
Too busy playing games04-07-2004 11:05:38Games
Way cool18-02-2004 22:09:05Ramblings
Collapse I tell you!17-02-2004 19:46:13Webdesign
Blood Slakes the Sands at the Circus Maximus13-02-2004 00:46:02Music
An interesting coincidence13-02-2004 00:08:52Ramblings
Biting sarcasm10-02-2004 22:21:58Webdesign
Dreamweaver extensions and MX200408-02-2004 12:57:29Dreamweaver
The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything06-02-2004 15:03:18Mac OS X
Explicit Silence06-02-2004 10:33:05Music
iBook rubber feet05-02-2004 14:03:57Ramblings
Iconfinder General04-02-2004 16:14:54Ramblings
extract($_COOKIE);30-01-2004 19:16:45PHP
news: via RSS28-01-2004 14:55:52PHP
Make my day23-01-2004 13:13:30Education
Googlefight20-01-2004 18:34:30Google
The Horror20-01-2004 11:21:18Mac OS X
Safari to iCab09-07-2004 02:12:52AppleScript
Logging FTP access15-01-2004 15:21:18Mac OS X
Dutch Date10-01-2004 10:03:51Dreamweaver
Taking things back09-01-2004 19:26:33Mac OS X
Command Line Happyness09-01-2004 03:04:17Mac OS X
Small siteupdate04-01-2004 17:15:29Sitenews
New year's resolution 1: Dress better02-01-2004 00:26:06Virtual Pet Rock
End of the year stuff31-12-2003 14:27:32Ramblings
Lunatics without skateboards23-12-2003 15:49:27Music
Creating text files containing the names of image files23-12-2003 12:58:35Perl
Small changes22-12-2003 11:01:57Sitenews
Dynamo Open Air '88 - mp3's20-12-2003 11:32:54Music
Not dead18-12-2003 14:47:33Ramblings
... a sea of site mismanagement10-12-2003 12:22:20Webdesign
Happy happy joy joy03-12-2003 19:41:00Sitenews
Stainable Situations02-12-2003 23:29:21Ramblings
Default HTML file extension on Windows01-12-2003 11:25:43Dreamweaver
iTunes database to MySQL pt. III 28-11-2003 16:30:32MySQL
iTunes database to MySQL pt. II26-11-2003 18:38:58MySQL
Virtual Pet Rock 1.1 released21-11-2003 16:23:54Mac OS X
iTunes database to MySQL21-11-2003 00:01:48MySQL
Fascinating (but useless) statistics09-01-2005 17:50:54Useless Statistics
Opinions on XCode18-11-2003 21:57:55Mac OS X
Issues with sites11-11-2003 13:17:21Webdesign
Running multiple versions of IE on Windows10-11-2003 10:45:05Webdesign
clicky clicky07-11-2003 01:10:50Sitenews
Soul Music04-11-2003 23:27:24Books
Twiddle like it's going out of style03-11-2003 22:48:19Mac OS X
Enhanced search03-11-2003 19:36:23Sitenews
Ooops...28-10-2003 19:53:33Music
Dutch traditions for all you foreigners27-10-2003 20:52:00Ramblings
Javascript galore24-10-2003 13:58:58Webdesign
List all abbreviation tags in an entire site25-10-2003 00:30:38Mac OS X
Accesibility resources15-10-2003 12:22:57Webdesign
Faraway friends13-10-2003 14:26:28Ramblings
Creative Commons Licence07-10-2003 19:32:56Sitenews
R.A. Lafferty's The Transcendent Tigers01-10-2003 21:14:52Books
Cross-browser webdesign25-10-2003 00:32:22Webdesign
APOD to Desktop28-09-2003 14:52:27Mac OS X
Excellent XML tutorial25-09-2003 10:57:59XML
Redirect 30119-09-2003 03:08:39Webdesign
Extensions deleted from Macromedia.com09-09-2003 17:36:40Dreamweaver
Memories09-09-2003 01:08:44Ramblings
PerversionTracker reviews Virtual Pet Rock03-09-2003 14:25:39Mac OS X
Librarians are often sexy30-08-2003 13:13:58Ramblings
PHP CLI update22-08-2003 13:12:04Mac OS X
ipconfig ???21-08-2003 19:02:12Mac OS X
Gifbuilder for OS X20-08-2003 21:21:52Webdesign
An update on the continuing saga of the struggle for crossbrowser, crossplatform webdesign20-08-2003 18:22:47Webdesign
Helpfiles17-08-2003 13:40:55Mac OS X
SCO vs Big Blue and the rest of us13-08-2003 23:02:07Ramblings
Google -blog Tool12-08-2003 13:23:51Google
More searchengine madness02-08-2003 09:55:06Google
A friend in XHTML 1.1 (strict)31-07-2003 21:52:15Ramblings
Small updates to Doctype and Set Image Title29-07-2003 16:18:33Dreamweaver
Hangmen: the best movie I saw this week26-07-2003 22:26:00Movies
Moving to XHTML25-07-2003 22:59:15Webdesign
Redesign23-07-2003 18:21:14Sitenews
Standards compliant webdesign22-07-2003 00:00:00Webdesign
Building Accessible Websites13-07-2003 00:00:00Webdesign
Set a custom UserAgent in WebKit12-07-2003 00:00:00Cocoa
Dreamweaver Extension news and siterip11-07-2003 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Sitenews08-07-2003 00:00:00Sitenews
RSS rocks04-07-2003 00:00:00Ramblings
Mad Cocoa Skillz (absence of)02-07-2003 00:00:00Cocoa
Things holding me back - part 229-06-2003 00:00:00Webdesign
Label like it's 199923-06-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
Things holding me back - part 121-06-2003 00:00:00Webdesign
Search Better16-06-2003 00:00:00Sitenews
Google thoughts09-06-2003 00:00:00Google
Linkchecking in OS X08-06-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
urlsAreTitlesToo02-06-2003 00:00:00PHP
iTunes 4.01 changes sharing feature28-05-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
Determine iTunes share status with PHP25-05-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
Lovely typography24-05-2003 00:00:00Webdesign
Some notes about iPod Notes23-07-2003 15:21:11Music
iPod Update23-07-2003 15:21:11Music
Astronomy Picture of the Day16-05-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
Timetravel23-07-2003 15:21:11Music
Monkey Business13-05-2003 00:00:00Ramblings
Random Ramblings04-05-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
PHP from the Command Line24-04-2003 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript Version 1.1.2 released18-04-2003 00:00:00PHP
Cool Useless Software16-04-2003 00:00:00Mac OS X
Tip of the day: addslashes()16-04-2003 00:00:00PHP
MySQL Query14-04-2003 00:00:00MySQL
404 script12-04-2003 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript update23-07-2003 15:17:23PHP
Newsscript update15-03-2003 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript 1.1 available24-12-2002 00:00:00PHP
Mysterious Fun-App almost here13-12-2002 00:00:00Virtual Pet Rock
Central Grinder13-12-2002 00:00:00Music
Newsscript update30-11-2002 00:00:00PHP
Kapitein Brander04-07-2004 11:02:59Ramblings
Where next?02-11-2002 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript download fixed11-10-2002 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript updated01-09-2002 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript update18-08-2002 00:00:00PHP
Newsscript update13-08-2002 00:00:00PHP
Loop QuickTime09-07-2004 02:12:52AppleScript
Abbreviation and Acronym09-08-2002 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Newsscript released07-08-2002 00:00:00PHP
Upcoming changes08-07-2002 00:00:00Sitenews
Comment Suite28-06-2002 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Abbreviation and Acronym25-06-2002 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Site updated22-06-2002 00:00:00Sitenews
Dreamweaver extensions21-06-2002 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver MX05-05-2002 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Abbreviation and Acronym02-03-2002 00:00:00Dreamweaver
Teaser10-12-2001 00:00:00Virtual Pet Rock
Frog animation02-11-2001 00:00:00Ramblings
Applescript for BBEdit13-08-2004 12:17:01AppleScript
Sitenews22-12-2003 09:52:36Sitenews
Doctypes22-12-2003 09:52:07Dreamweaver
ht://Dig Metatags22-12-2003 09:50:29Dreamweaver
Set Image Title22-12-2003 09:49:39Dreamweaver
Searchengine22-12-2003 09:48:43Sitenews
Dreamweaver extensions09-01-2001 14:01:52Dreamweaver
Sitenews22-12-2003 09:47:02Sitenews
Searchengine22-12-2003 09:46:01Sitenews
Dreamweaver extensions22-12-2003 09:44:52Dreamweaver
Sitenews22-12-2003 09:43:16Sitenews
Even older news25-06-2000 13:59:09Sitenews

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