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How to destroy the Earth
Forget global warming, at most it will shift the climate so much that humanity can no longer sustain itself and civilization will collapse. Even if that happens it's likely some buggers, somewhere, will live and breed like the animals they are. Even if all human life is wiped out the rest of the world will pretty much go on as is. Sure, some animal species will become extinct but overall life is resilient and new species will evolve to take their place, in two or three million years little evidence will remain of a pretty minor extinction event which killed off about a hundred species or so in the span of a few hundred years or so, species arise and become extinct all the time. No, if we truly want to destroy the earth we'll have to start thinking bigger. Much bigger. Which is where the following website comes in. A do it yourself guide to destroying the earth for all megalomaniacs and evil professors.

Current Earth-Destruction Status

Number of times the Earth has been destroyed: 0

Be sure to check out the about page as well, you can help the advisory board by taking measurements to see of the earth is still here or not so they can keep their website accurate.

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