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Watching for Opener
What with all the hooha about the supposed Opener worm infecting Macs I decided to look into a new feature in NetNewsWire 2 (currently in beta): scriptSubscriptions. Basically this lets you subscribe to the output of a shell script or AppleScript that does something like watch a folder for new items or monitors a file and munges that into an RSS feed.

Turns out that Brent has already created a demonstration script that only needed a few lines changed to monitor for new items in the /System/Library/Startup Items folder.
Download Startup Items FolderWatcher.

Installation is easy: expand the zip file and store the AppleScript somewhere, then follow the instructions as given on the NetNewsWire scriptSubscriptions page:
... in NetNewsWire, choose File > New Special Subscription > Script...
NetNewsWire will prompt you to locate your script. Choose it.
NetNewsWire adds the script subscription and also opens the Info window. Make sure the Script Settings section is open in the info window and set the type of the script.
NetNewsWire then runs the script and displays the result.

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