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Today I did what I've been meaning to do for quite a few weeks now.

I deleted all my Dreamweaver extensions from the Macromedia Exchange site in protest of the horrendous monster that (and especially the exchange site) has become - I'd link to it were it not for the fact that I'd have to look up the URL and this has already crashed my browser once (taking with it an earlier version of this here newsitem). Seldom have I seen a site that is so slow, counter-intuitive and that just doesn't work reliably.

As I've noted before recently my faculty upgraded all it's pc's to Windows XP so everyone got a new user profile and all application settings (including installed Dreamweaver extensions) were lost.
After spending literally hours trying to get the site to recognise the fact I had indeed installed the latest and the greatest flash version and had enabled cookies and stuff I finally gave up on the site, not a single extension downloaded.

Via a complicated process I managed to transport the extensions installed on my home machine to my windows machine at work.

Today I had reason to visit the macromedia site again trying to learn about the newly announced MX 2004 productline. After some browsing I got to the exchange site again and lo and behold: after 10 minutes the site had loaded and I was actually able to view some extensions' details. Downloading was a different matter (I managed one eventually). In frustration I decided to delete all my extensions there and then. On the spot. Amazingly this worked a lot better than expected, deleting all 7 extensions and about 12 older archived versions just took me a minute or 5.

So there you have it: Macromedia's exchange is dead as far as I'm concerned. All my extensions will now only be available here on this site.

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