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Extensions for Dreamweaver

Here you'll find some spiffy extensions to enhance Dreamweaver 3 and above. These extensions are not available anywhere else, not even at Macromedia's Exchange site so feel good about yourself for finding this page and spread the word.

Make a selection to learn more about each extension.

Name Modified DW 3 / 4 DW MX? DW MX 2004?
Abbreviation and Acronym 26-06-2002 Available Available Unknown
Characters 04-08-2000 Available Available Unknown
CommentSuite 28-06-2002 Available Available Available
Doctypes 29-07-2003 Available Obsolete Obsolete
Dublin Core Metadata 21-10-2000 Available Not Yet Unknown
Dutch Date 16-04-2001 Available Available Available
FormMail Helper 16-04-2001 Available Not Yet Unknown
ht://Dig metatag Generator 26-05-2001 Available Available Unknown
Linkrelationships 22-08-2000 Available Available Unknown
Sane Document Types 08-02-2004 Unknown Available Available
Set Image title 29-07-2003 Available Available Unknown

All extensions are completely freeware.
However, if you want to be nice to me to say thanks and encourage me, you can purchase something from my wishlist at or at where I selected some stuff that I would like to have.
You can give me whatever you want from the list and I'll appreciate it a lot. This is the best way if you want to send me something cool. Thank you!

To avoid download problems all extensions are zipped for PC users and stuffed for Macintosh users. Please use a decompression utility like Stuffit Expander to extract the extension package.
If you find them useful or know of a way to improve them or just want to say hi feel free to use the feedback form.

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