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Good lord. Some designers should just be taken out and shot, their bodies dumped in a recycle bin (always remember to seperate your trash).

I'm in the process of updating a site to a manageable system (ie based on Dreamweaver templates). Currently the site consists of two html pages and about 45 javascripts. Depending on url parameters different javascripts get loaded. Technically it's pretty nifty stuff. Practically it's a load of shit. The code that's generated is pretty crappy too, with a mish mash of fonttags and empty tags sprnkled generously around.

Sometimes a site is just so plain bad there's not much to be done with it except recreating the entire thing.

I said the site consists of two pages, one of those is actually a redirect page that does some weird calculations with the screensize and then, no matter what the outcome, redirects you to the other page.

Sometimes a site is so bad you just have to remove it from the web to make this world a better place. That's why I will only bill 36 hours for the entire job, though I can see now that it will take much longer.

You can marvel at the old site here (it's in Dutch but the code is crap in any language): Recht in Utrecht.

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