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I have enhanced the sitesearch today with an extra option to search only the articles that have appeared on the frontpage. (See the search form at the top of this page.)

It should be fairly self-explanatory really. So if you came here from Google or somesuch and can't find what you're looking for try to search only the frontpage articles by checking the box.

By the way: to the person searching for "cron redirect to prevent mail messages":
you're looking for exec "command" >& /dev/null

To the person looking for "libwww perl cpan os x panther":
your answer is more complicated. If you're having trouble installing via perl -MCPAN -e shell start here: Linkchecking in OS X. I prefer to just do everything manually, but you could try CPAN with sudo.

As a sidenote: if you're having trouble with DBD::mysql read this hint on OS X Hints, it helped me out.

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