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Crap. I ordered a new 1 GHz iBook last week and according to the ever immaculate Crazy Apple Rumors site it suffers from stainable situations.

I'm hoping the lack of airport in my configuration will shield me from the worst of this problem.

In happier news I think I have finally "tracked down" the oddness on this here front-page, seen most often when using Firebird or Opera. It's all very comp'licated stuff having to do with margins, widths, percentages and long words, quite hard to put an exact finger on it, but I've figured out a new design for the frontpage that will remove the right column, move it's contents down into the left column and make everybody happy. The cool thing is that it requires only a small edit of my template file, using some fairly clever optional regions and dependencies between them. There's a lot of power there. I'll be testing the new design thoroughly this week and roll out the new homepage if I'm completely happy.

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