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I came up with an idea for which I haven't got the time but would like to see nonetheless. I'm hereby dontating it to the world in the hope that someone who's less lazy will steal it.

Iconfinder General
Ever see a screenshot of somene's desktop and you're wondering what that odd-looking icon does? Well, so do I. Hop to it! Create an online database where people can upload gif files and add a description, including OS, version number etc.
Ideally this should have multiple ways to identify an icon, one of which would be like those determination tables biologists use when identifying a plant.

1. Is the icon round? Yes, go to 10.
10. Is it green? Yes, go to 12.
12. Does it have a letter in the icon? Yes, go to 15.
15. Is the letter a d? Yes, go to 20.
20. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (Mac, Windows):

I'm sure you see the potential.
By the way: a colleage told me that her jpeg pictures now have the icon of a squashed frog. Anyone know which program this refers to?

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