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Nothing much new to say on the extensibility front.
However: OOOk Default: is currently hard at work creating a very cool program for Mac OS X. We can't say very much about it at the moment but if you're a mac user and would like to see a very cool and fun application for OS X in the spirit of the Talking Moose (only in spirit! mind you) be sure to bookmark this page and visit again in a month or so by which time we hope to have finished up coding the first version. Alternatively you could send your e-mail adress via the contact form and I will be glad to keep you up to date, I promise we won't abuse you with mail or send spam or sell your details. Please also mention if you would be willing to betatest (OSX only for the moment, but include OS version anyway).

On another front I've been tracking the use of these pages for some time now with pphlogger, a very cool free logging tool, it does just about all visitor tracking you could shake a stick at and then some. Most amazing to me was the keywords entered into search engines which led people to this site. Ah, the power of metadata! I never knew I had so much shit one these pages.

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