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An interesting coincidence
This evening I went out for dinner with my good friends Jurjan and Joke and during the course of the evening the subject of Linux on the Desktop was mentioned. To be short none of us believe this is really likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

When I came home the following appeared in my aggregator of choice (happy birthday to NetNewsWire by the way): Linux Under the Desktop.

Sure there'll always be a few (or even quite a few) hackers with a spare PC around that like to fiddle with commandline interfaces and .conf files and sudo chmod 755 but most computer-users just need to get things done and meet that deadline.

I believe this article (and even my own site) illustrates a point about Mac OS X and it's continuing acceptance amongst the tech elite: it's a system that allows you to get your job done and will still allow you to fiddle in that free moment that's inevitable to crop up, if you're so inclined. OS X might not be the perfect system yet for those involved in audio or graphics but it's advancing extremely rapidly. And as for webdevelopment, there is, of course, no contest (please enter obligatory reference and linkage to BBEdit, Apache, MySQL and PHP (BAMP?) yourself as I've already put more links in here than usual).

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