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Loads of things to update you all on.
First of all the site I was working on (I wrote about it yesterday when discussing pure CSS links) is online and barring any unforseen happenings like last minute changes of heart is more or less finished. Take a peek if you're so inclined.

Second: The replacement for my iBook's lost rubber foot has arrived in a goodiebag straight from Apple's Irish plant in Cork. As an added bonus I actually received three replacements and some metal screw hoopla's (see the PDF in my previous post for pictures).
The package took it's time getting here so I guess Apple had to start an entire production line especially for me.
I must admit to a little shame however as this weekend when cleaning the house I located the missing foot, so I now have three spares for when I actually do need one (I suspect Apple's stockprice will take a deep dive because of this unwitting fraudulence on my part).

Third: Barcode Yourself.

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