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I was recently accused of leading a comfortably-paced life as a web developer that leaves plenty of time for gaming and metal by Jim.

While this may be true by American standards, for the last few months I've actually felt that my work has become quite hectic leaving me exhausted and empty at the end of the day. So this week I went to my boss and told him I'd like to take a step back and work less hours. At the moment I'm working 36 hours (four and a half days) a week and would like to bring this back to 32, leaving me an entire day free to do with as I please.

I'd like to spend this day doing some coding (I really should start on a new language like Python and release a few of those PHP scripts I have lying around), reading a book and generally having more time for myself.

The details have still got to be worked out but I'm looking forward to this. Of course it'll mean a reduction in pay but then perhaps I could talk my boss into giving me a raise? Well... one can dream.

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