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The death of the semantic web pt. I
This one was new to me: Proper use of <blink>.

Actually I disagree with the fact that this would be the only proper use of the blink tag (stepping neatly over the fact that <blink> is a made-up tag). Here's a sample of another use I would deem appropriate (if there was such a tag as <blink>):

Last login: Tue Mar 9 10:00:20 on ttyp1<br>
Welcome to Angua, running on Darwin!<br>
[angua:~] harold% <blink>_</blink>

That's right: the above piece of HTML code shows you how my Terminal prompt looks.

"Why are you rambling about all this," I hear someone at the back of the crowd shouting. Patience grasshopper, we'll get there, but it'll have to wait until later.

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