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Boring? Not really.
You know you have too much fun at work when you're doing one the most boring things ever (writing documentation) and having the greatest time because you're alone in the room (normally shared with two other people of a non-metallic disposition) and you have to keep yourself from screaming along with the lyrics to Bal Sagoth's The Chronicle of Shadows.

By the way: for those curious and not in the know, I'm not aware of ever having liberated a virgin of the burden of her maidenhood. I believe maidens, like damsels, became extinct somewhere in the middle of the sixteenth century.
It's probably to do with all these gallant princes prancing about, killing dragons left and right with no concern about the environment, natural balance, harmony and habitats. Not to mention the fact that I believe dragons ate unicorns, leading to an ecological inbalance. And everyone knows unicorns have weird intentions with virgins right?

Actually I believe quite a number of things, not all of them at the same time or even necessarily true...

(Welcome to the new layout.)

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