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Virtual Pet Rock to be ported to Windows
01-04-2004, Utrecht, The Netherlands. For immediate release.

Important news for Windows users.

OOOk Default: has signed an exclusive contract with Jim of phalange Inc. to port Virtual Pet Rock over to Windows.
Virtual Pet Rock was first released in december 2002 for the Apple Macintosh platform and has received wide acknowledgements as being one of the first truly useless pieces of Macintosh software after the original Talking Moose. Virtual Pet Rock has been downloaded over 7250 times in the period following it's initial release.

Jim says he is "really excited" about this great opportunity and has high hopes for the Windows version. Release dates and system requirements are yet to be set but Jim is persuing an agressive deadline and will, in the best Windows tradition, provide deep tie-ins to the Windows Operating System. Says Jim: "You know, these Dutch guys have really got something here, but by focusing entirely on Mac users they're really missing out on a huge audience. Not to speak badly of Apple users, I own an iPod myself and I think it's a neat piece of engineering, but let's face it, these Dutch guys have probably been smoking too much of their dope and haven't really noticed that the world has moved on and that Windows is the dominant computing platform. In particular the ability to integrate large parts of the OS, like Internet Explorer into an application saves immense amounts of development time and provides the user with a consistent experience". Jim, who is employed in the Chicago area and is working for a leading Windows software developer said he had little fear of problems. His resume contains some porting experience, although this was from C++ to .Net. He has yet to read a single line of Objective C "but how hard can it be? If these Macheads can write it, I can read it," he stated.

Hewlett Packard President Carly Fiorina who refused to be quoted on the matter expressed mild amusement when asked whether this new development would affect the way HP sells it's machines. "There are currently no plans to bundle Virtual Pet Rock for Windows," a spokesman for the company said, "but we'll certainly monitor the situation and make a final decision in the fullness of time, ie when the program is actually released. HP has a longstanding commitment to excellence and we aren't adverse to adding new icons on the desktop of newly installed systems, even if that means programs that have originated as Apple Macintosh only products."

Current customers expressed dismay at the move. One person who wished to remain anonymous said. "I'm really dismayed at this fact. I have recently switched to the Macintosh platform just so I could run this program. Now I find out that if I had kept my brand new Dell desktop and waited a few weeks I would have been able to run the program anyway. I'm dismayed." Her friend, satisfied customer Lisa S., also expressed concerns, stating: "I'm concerned. I talked some of best friends into buying a Mac just so they could run Virtual Pet Rock. I have no idea what will happen to our friendship now, now that the program will become available on Windows."

Asked about these concerns and allegations of making a U-turn on previous statements about the possibility of a Windows version, senior OOOk Default: member, lead programmer, co-founder and el-presidente for life, Jurjan Dijkstra stated: "we knew this was going to be an unpopular move in some circles but what the heck, there's a whole untapped market out there and we have gotten so many requests that we felt obliged to give something to the Windows community. Some of our colleagues are Windows users after all, and we just got tired of the haunted look in their eyes when arriving at work. Wouldn't it be great to give them too the joy of Virtual Pet Rock ownership to look forward to when arriving at the office? Who are we to deny them this unprecedented joy?"

Junior OOOk Default: member Harold van de Kamp, himself a webdesigner, expressed great hopes for the upcoming Virtual Pet Rock for Windows website which will be built entirely in HTML 3.2. "Windows users have long complained about our website saying it's too Mac-centic. The exciting opportunities of making a site for an Internet Explorer only audience will mean we can really get going with all kinds of neat stuff like the greatly under-appreciated and tags."

Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the world's leading webdesigners, stated concern over the plans to build the site in the 1997 era HTML 3.2 version. "It's as if I've been fighting the good fight for nothing all these years," he sighed. "I further contend that the idea of the current "Mac-centic" site is a hoax. I mean, have you looked at the source code? There's all kinds of presentational hacks in there, it's not anything-centric at all. I mean, tables all over the place, a fieldset just to get a nice border thingy? Come on people, this is the century of the fruitbat..."

Senior OOOk Default: member, webapplication developer and co-founder Harold Bakker, in charge of customer relations and support, stated little concern over the fact that a whole new market would open up to the team. He anticipates that little to no extra time would be needed to support the Windows version. "I'll just tell people to re-install their system," he said, when asked about the extra workload. "I work in Dutch education, which is almost entirely Windows oriented, and it's common practice to re-install the entire OS when something goes BOINK. I know this from experience."

About OOOk Default:
OOOk Default: reinvented the virtual pet revolution in 2002 with the Virtual Pet Rock, thereby enhanced the Macintosh user-experience. OOOk Default: is committed to bringing the best virtual friendship to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative internet-enabled software.

Apple, Macintosh and iPod are a registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft corporation. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit the Virtual Pet Rock website (

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