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Open URL in Safari
This is probably of interest to one or two people out there but I'll post it anyway:

It's a small applescript application that will get the currently active document URL from iCab and open that URL in Safari. Handy if you're trying to view a page that refuses to work in iCab due to it's incomplete CSS rendering.

Here's the source for those interested:

tell application "iCab"
    set this_URL to the URL of window 1
end tell
tell application "Safari"
    open location this_URL
end tell

To get it to work just download, expand and save the file somewhere on your Mac and the drag the applet to your Toolbar Favorites.

Here's a screenshot of mine, I renamed it to -> Safari:

Note that with default security settings when you click this link you'll get a warning about starting an application. Just hit enter to continue.

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