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Reign in Darkness
Goodness. Sometimes you watch a bad movie that's just so plain bad that the mind boggles and you have to share this with the world for fear that your brain will explode if all this stuff is kept in there and not spread around, as it were.

Today I watched Reign in Darkness, which purports to be based on the true story of the 1972 discovery of a virus called K-17. All knowledge of this virus is said to have been suppressed. This supposedly real virus is rumored to be responsible for vampirism. A quick search on the web turned up this:

OK, enough background, on with the movie itself.

Actually, I'm not sure what to say about this. The story is just so bad that's it's gone beyond B-Movie territory and has come out the other side becoming something... well, unique, would be one way of putting it I guess.
The acting is in a league of it's own as well. Seriously, I have seen porn movies with better acting. Words fail me to be honest, so...

... on with the verdict: The users of IMDB give this movie a 2.7, I'll give it a solid round 2. The last time I reviewed a bad movie on this site I asked everyone to raise the IMDB vote average. Sadly this failed miserably, leading to a loss of 0.1 points, I'm sure we can do the same this time.

Update: Oh, dear. it looks like the insane bastards are creating a sequel. I'm not sure I can stand it anymore.

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