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I ordered a brand-new 120 Gb hard-disk yesterday, more or less on whim. I was clearing up some old stuff and archiving a few installers etc. to cd-rom and after doing all that I noticed I was still low on disk-space*. Added to that I was thinking that I wanted to rip my classical music to disk too. I hardly ever listen to it, but then when I do want to it's just too much of a hassle to walk to the stack, search for what I want and put it in the dvd player. So much easier if it's already in iTunes, just a couple of clicks away.

The new hard-disk will be replacing my trusty old Maxtor Diamond Max 20 Gig drive (it's a Diamond Max as well, just bigger and with more cache). I can still remember buying that drive in May 1998 and hell was it expensive**, I paid around 1000 dutch guilders for it (around 450 euro or 540 american dollars). This drive will set me back just shy of 130 euro, including shipping and tax (which I believe wasn't included in the 20 gig's price).

The addition will mean that my 20 gig will have to find a new home and that the current primary 60 gig drive will become the secondary drive, giving me a total storage of 180 gigs on the desktop.

Dave Shea, he of Zen Garden fame, figures 5 petabytes is all he'll ever need. I'm with him. Although 5 petabytes sounds like a lot, given the speed with which programs seem to grow in size, and the increasing amount of digital media we accumulate I'm sure future generations will laugh at this amount, just like we today smile about our first commodore system that used a tapedrive for storage.

*) Apple recommends keeping 10% free on your primary disk, and as the guy who does the support for Virtual Pet Rock I agree. If OS X gets too low on free disk space Random Stuff Happens™ and prefs get corrupted, or wiped completely, left and right, seemingly at random.
**) I paid for that drive with my holiday money and stayed at home that year, this was at the time that I just got my current job after two years of unemployment.
On a related note yesterday was the day that my reduction in hours took effect. I'm now working 32 hours a week, giving me the entire friday off, to hang around, watch bad movies, read and maybe learn a new language. I had meant to learn Python but after seeing some posts around the web I'm not sure anymore that Python's for me, it looks too much like a real programming language and my strength is more in the rapid development scripting languages, so I might just brush up on my Perl. But that's the beauty of a free day: you can do what you want.

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