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Problems come in threes
Ooooh dear.

I got my new harddisk yesterday and what a bummer it turned out to be. I didn't read the description well enough so now I'm the proud owner of a serial ATA device which doesn't work in my Mac as it only accepts regular ATA. (problem 1) Silly me, I just noticed the ATA part and failed to see the "serial" stuff. The first I noticed was when I had screwed in the drive and was looking at the cableconnectors. Oooh dear.

As the drive was already out of it's packaging I have no hope in hell of returning it. Oh dear.

So I did some research and it turned out that serial ATA is quite a nice technology, kind of like SCSI combined with ATA, but without the hassles of jumpers, terminators, SCSI id's, conflicts etc. It also has a datatransfer of about 150 MB a second, which is quite nice, so using the drive would lead to a big bonus in speed.

So I had to order a serial ATA PCI card which would allow me to take advantage of this newfangled technology. Unfortunately this card is not available in Holland so I've ordered it from Germany and I have no idea when it will arrive.

But wait! There's more bad news (I did say problems come in threes).

During the process of installing the new hard drive my startup disk crashed. Big time. I was finally able to mount the disk and in the process of saving some data to the iBook the disk crashed again. (problem 2)

To make matters even worse the crash led to an incredible amount of corruption on the iBook so it too, has major problems. (problem 3)

After a good night's sleep I have finally been able to mount the iBook's disk using FireWire target disk mode but disk utility is unable to save either the iBook's disk or the primary drive in the G4.
So after reformating the primary drive I'm now salvaging what I can from the iBook before reformatting that too.

Ah well, worse things happen at sea. (Or so I'm told.)

Anyway, when all this is over and the new drive is finally attached I will have some good things come out of this: the new drive will work next to my already installed drives (even though I won't trust the old primary drive with irreplaceable data any time soon) and it also accepts a second serial ATA drive giving me loads of potential space.
Back to the data rescue...

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