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Repeat !!
It happens quite often that while I'm in the Terminal I issue a command for which I don't have enough privileges.
For instance: sudo ipfw list will list all the currently active rules for the firewall. If you happen to forget the sudo part however, all you will see is a warning: ipfw: socket: Operation not permitted.
You'll have to reenter the command again with the sudo part before it.

I knew there was a special command in tcsh that would repeat the previous command however what it was eluded me. Today I got tired of that and actually did some digging and come up with the following: Survival guide to the Unix shell tcsh.

It states that !! repeats the previous command, so if you type sudo !! after a failed attempt you will save yourself some time.

The guide contains some more useful tips but if all you pick up is this one rejoice!!

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