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iPod Firewire cable
In case you are wondering (like I was) why Apple charges 20 dollars for a new iPod dock connector to FireWire cable let me tell you that it's probably because the packaging is simply sublime.

I have never seen a computer cable packaged better. The cable comes in a small sturdy cardboard box that is simply a joy to slide open. Inside the cable is nestled in a way that reminds me of small furry creatures.

The box doesn't have the emotionally overpowering sexyness of the box the iPod itself comes in but it's darned close.
Thank you, Apple, for allowing me to part with my hard earned money to partake in this experience, though I did use my educational priviliges to shave off a euro (actually 97 eurocents). As an added bonus the new cable also fixes the intermittent problems I had with getting the iPod to mount on the desktop, perhaps a sturdier cable should be designed for the next generation iPod though, as a quick trip through the Apple discussion forums reveals that cable problems are often the explanation for mounting issues.

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