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Sometimes we at the top-secret underground Virtual Pet Rock headquarters get some pretty funny mail.
Most of the time it's about the possibility of a port to some obscure little operating system called (apparantly) Windoids if I recall correctly.
Sometimes we get some mail that's just funny.

whitney wrote on 08-06-2004, 03:12:39 about "other":

> i think this is the coolest site i have ever found, and im
> gonna make a rock her name is gonna be little rock, you
> should make an i love my rock t-shirt that would be great.
> in 3rd grade we had school store and i had an adopt a rock
> orphanage to my surprize my people actually adopted rocks, i
> thought it was a great idea i was right im always right,
> people just dont understand they said my rock orphanage
> would not work but it did.

I like the fact that she talks about "my people". This kid is going places.

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