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Look at the pretty pictures
It's not often I'm stunned by photos. My friends will attest to my loathing of the things. I can barely sit through pictures of anyone or anything, no matter how well I know the maker or how respected they are in the art community. Yet sometimes there comes a photo that simply takes your breath away.

Jim (of Notes of Chaos fame, check it out if you don't know it) links to this photo, saying: possibly the best single shot of trees ever.

I think I agree. The photo is stunning. There's loads of beautiful pictures there. I particularly like this one: Do not harass the alligators.

You should never harass an alligator. Don't harass the alligator for he will be forced to eat you, out of sheer annoyance. You wouldn't want to eat someone yourself because you're annoyed would you?

Do unto others...

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