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It's answer day here at Harold's home.

Q: How do I make spare time for myself?
A: Your spare time is precious. Be careful how you spend it. Work is a means to an end, ie. supporting your spare-time. Work yourself to death and you won't have enjoyed yourself.

Q: Am I schozoid? (Dutch query)
A: The internet is a poor place to self-diagnose. Visit a professional if you're really worried. If people suggest you do this it's probably because they're after you. If you believe this make haste.

Q: tail log for item
A: tail /var/log/httpd/error_log | grep "error" will look for the word error in the last 10 lines of my apache error log. If you need more use tail -n 100... for the last 100 lines. Substitute the path to the logfile and the word to search for where appropriate. if still can't figure it out use man tail and man grep. If you don't understand those seek out a dedicated forum and ask around.

Q: what is a siterip
A: It's when someone steals your design and/or content.
There's a beta of CopyScape which will allow you to see who's using your content, though it's still sadly lacking.

Q: NSURLRequest example
A: BYOB: Build your own browser.

Q: are rocks alive
A: Of course they are, what a strange question...

Q: harold bakker
A: Rejoice, you have found me. Rest awhile and look around.

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