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Linux insider has an article about the supposed difference in use of language between Mac users and Windows users.

While I don't want to go into this debate here are the instructions on getting the program style to install on a Mac.
Get the download from You'll get an additional program called diction as well.

Unpack using Stuffit Expander if your browser hasn't already unpacked it.

Open a new Terminal window and cd to the newly created directory. The easiest way to do this is type cd and a space, and then drag the folder icon onto the window.

Type ./configure --host=ppc --build=ppc. The configure command will spit back a lot of info which you can ignore. The tricky part is in the --host and --build options, without them the programs will not install.
Following that you can type make. The make command will run and spit back info at you. Ignore any warnings you might see.
Type sudo make install, and enter your password when asked.

The program should now be installed. To check do the following. Type /usr/local/bin/style enter a space and then drag a document onto the window, confirm with the enter key.
The command style will now analyze your text.
Here's the output from all the frontpage posts of my site:

readability grades:
    Kincaid: 7.8
    ARI: 8.3
    Coleman-Liau: 9.3
    Flesch Index: 73.5
    Fog Index: 10.9
    Lix: 37.1 = school year 5
    SMOG-Grading: 9.7
sentence info:
    148574 characters
    34915 words, average length 4.26 characters = 1.34 syllables
    1801 sentences, average length 19.4 words
    49% (887) short sentences (at most 14 words)
    18% (340) long sentences (at least 29 words)
    434 paragraphs, average length 4.1 sentences
    3% (58) questions
    36% (655) passive sentences
    longest sent 427 wds at sent 1758; shortest sent 1 wds at sent 11
word usage:
    verb types:
    to be (871) auxiliary (460)
    types as % of total:
    conjunctions 4(1546) pronouns 9(3153) prepositions 9(3272)
    nominalizations 1(321)
sentence beginnings:
    pronoun (470) interrogative pronoun (31) article (130)
    subordinating conjunction (109) conjunction (21) preposition (102)

That's right, my writing style is like that of a fifth grader.
The world needs more useless statistics like this.

Hop to it and tell me how well you are doing...

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