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New boots
Today I finally bought a new pair of boots. For the last fourteen years I've worn nothing but army boots and it is a pleasure to once again have some new boots because the soles of the old ones were falling apart from wear and tear*. I do about four years on average with a pair and I bought these new ones at the same place where I bought two out of three of my previous pairs, the Army dump here in Utrecht on the Blauwkapelseweg. Still staffed by the same wizened old lady who was already past her retirement age when I bought my first pair here in Utrecht twelve years ago. When I left I bid her farewell and told her I'd see her in four years' time. She smiled and said she might not be around then but I have a feeling she will be.

*) I feel almost an inch taller with these new boots and there's a spring in my step.

I believe this is the model I've bought: Sentinal M400, sounds like something from the movies.

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