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Hear hear!
Users Trump Library Vendors Again!

I hereby add Geac (with it's Vubis catalogue) to the list of companies that just don't get it.

Adding this should not take a vendor more than 30 minutes.

Peter Rukavina says Hey, librarians, it's your own damn fault!

He suggests that vendors don't want to add features like RSS because it would be possible to do interesting things with it. He further contends that it's out own fault for choosing a propietary lock-in.
He may be partly right in this, however it is missing an important point. Out of all the librarians in the world how many do you think can read the program Peter created? How many could modify it for their own OPAC?

The answer is probably more depressing than he thinks. Yes there are a lot of smart people out there that are creating nifty stuff using open source tools, but the reality of the matter is that stuff like Library Lookup is probably way above the heads of most people, including librarians. Most of these people have never looked at a single line of source code and they don't want to.

If vendors add small modules, like RSS syndication/notification of new books, people will use it. They will do so because it makes sense and simplifies their life, not because it's written in programming language X or because it cost Y amount of money.

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