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Someone on the iCab mailinglist pointed me to a pretty nifty Perl commandline utility that will create an mbox file (this is the system used by Eudora and Apple's mail for example) from a Yahoo! group's mailinglist. on Freshmeat

You may need to supply a username and password to the script for certain members only archives.
Please note that Yahoo! limits the amount of data you can download in a certain time so the script will quickly flood the connection, leading to a temporary block by Yahoo!
To avoid this use the delay switch on the commandline: -user=username -pass=password -verbose -delay=5 groupname.

Some notes:
- The test I did downloaded almost all messages perfectly (13 messages out of slightly less than 9300 were skipped for some reason).
- The file downloaded with Unix line-breaks. If you want to use the resulting file in something like Eudora change the line-endings to Macintosh format (or Windows if you're using that).
- The script needs some additional Perl modules that may not be installed on your system (like Getopt::Long and HTTP::Request::Common), install those either manually or using CPAN. I mentioned CPAN before.
- Don't forget to set the delay switch, you will be locked out for hours/ if not an entire day.

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