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For the last year or so I've been a big fan of RSS. Ever since I first discovered the joy of NetNewsWire (freeware Lite version available) the program has transformed the way I use the web. Instead of manually checking about 15 sites a day (some multiple times) to see whether there's anything new to read I now check about 70 sites a day.

One of the nicest things about NNW is not its ease of use (else I wouldn't use it) or the ability to keep up to date (all aggregators do that) but it's interface. It is clean and well thought out. It has also long been possible to create a custom stylesheet to view newsitems, but the new version has really made this a lot more powerful.

With the coming of the NNW2 betas I've finally created a really comprehensive stylesheet. It's called Bluish as it's, well, blueish.

click for close-up

It's fairly complete and works in all three view modes (but works best in Traditional View). It includes styles for (block)quotes, code, abbreviations and the like.
You can download the zip-file here. Just unzip and put the Bluish folder in ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/StyleSheets. Then select the stylesheet in the HTML Preferences.

This may also be a good time to point you to the new and improved RSS feed of this site: as that feed contains some nifty new features seen in the screenshot above. Best feature is that entries now get a real date instead of the date the feed was fetched. As it's a static file this also means less bandwidth is wasted. (For those using the old feed: it won't go away anytime soon so don't worry.)

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