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I just got back from the graduation -and celebration thereof- of my old friend René, only to find that apparently we had a powerfailure last night. I was greeted by flashing clocks and whatnot, which is adding to my confusion (I slept about four hours last night on a couch).

On the good side I finally saw that the "restart after a powerfailure" in the OS X System Preferences works as advertised.

So I'm trying to stay awake until I can get to bed at a reasonable hour. If I go to sleep now I'll wake up at eleven and not be able to fall sleep until I have to get to work tomorrow.

So I'm catching up on email and RSS. Here's a funny story about a girl named Wendy meeting a psychic called Shirly, via science fiction author Charlie Stross.

Among the many millions of things I can't draw, zookeepers do figure.
I can relate.

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