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Still Windows-less
I collect dead stuff. My study is littered with dead technology. Ancient Macs that still work if a monitor or some-such would be attached, broken stereo equipment, an ancient SCSI scanner that could possibly be attached to an ancient Mac, thought there would be no way to attach said Mac to my current Macs.

It's a disease. Recently I expanded my collection with an ancient Laser printer. According to the guy I got it from it should work in OS X, with the help of a special G-Port device. This device takes the place of the modem and provides a serial port that connects to the printer. The G-Port was included.

Unfortunately the printer works via the localtalk protocol and this protocol is not supported by OS X. I can print, but I have to reboot in Mac OS 9 to do so.

Ah well, it didn't cost me anything and there's still room.

Yesterday I received another piece of dead technology. Only this time it's software (and therefore doesn't take more space than a CD-ROM) and is the latest and greatest.
I work in Dutch education and most of my software comes from Surf, the Dutch IT Provider for higher education. They do most of the licensing negotiations with big names. They then provide software dirt cheap. How does a legal copy of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 for 16 euros sound? Pretty cool eh? Beat that filthy spammers. So this week I ordered Microsoft Office 2004 Professional.

I already owned the regular version but the Professional version comes with Virtual PC. According to Microsoft Virtual PC comes with Windows XP Professional. Sounds good, only Windows is not included in the deal as I found out when I installed it. Fair enough I thought, lets order it.
Then I found out that I can only buy upgrades to Windows, meaning I have to have a different version of Windows before I can install a newer version. It appears that Surf can only sell upgrades and not the full version. For regular PC people this shouldn't be too much of a problem as virtually all PCs come with a copy of Windows. But if you're using Virtual PC you did not buy your hardware with a copy of Windows and you are therefore not eligible for an upgrade!

I've asked Surf for clarification but it looks like I now have yet more dead technology on my hands.

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