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After more than a year of waiting the new beta of iCab is out (for registered users only at the moment). For those unaware iCab is an alternative browser for the Mac. Perpetually in beta (or prerelease as they call it), probably because of lack of funding, it has lagged immensely in the last few years. Due mostly to the lack of support for modern standards like XHTML and (most importantly) CSS. In fact this lack of support was the main reason for me switching to Safari in Januari this year. I know there are some zealots that say a page should always display correctly in even the most ancient of browsers but, truth be told, as a webuser and -developer I just couldn't stand seeing pages fucked up beyond belief, despite them using ALL my beloved webstandards.

This release promises much, although it doesn't seem to support the text-shadow property of CSS2*. I have also already identified at least one possible privacy issue. When hovering over a link for which authentication is required, and this authentication is already in the keychain, iCab will add the authentication info in the statusbar. On the good side user-initiated pop-ups (I block other kinds) contain the domainname of the page that opened the pop-up. I'm sure there's lots more good stuff in there, so if you'll excuse I'm off to ogle some pages.

*) Though my good friend Jurjan told me he read of a hack somewhere to enable it. I'd love to see that!

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