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Technology gone wrong
I've just tried to get my site indexed at Gigablast so I can try out their new free search engine.
When technology goes wrong you get things like this:

I know I have a visual impairment (my left eye is pretty bad) but it appears my pattern recognition is also failing. After seven tries I just gave up. Sorry Gigablast, nice try separating the bots from the humans, I guess I just failed your Turing test.

Remind me to read "The Doggone Highly Scientific Door" by R.A. Lafferty again, in which an amusement park refuses to let someone in on the grounds that he is not a person but in fact a dog. Bitter sweet melancholy ensues as the man befriends all kinds of dogs and even buys them some dog biscuits (which are apparantly pretty good eating).

Small update: the technique Gigablast uses is called a CAPTCHA. To read more on why CAPTCHA is bad read Matt May's article: Matt Presents: Escape from CAPTCHA.

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