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A curious thing
I am posting this using Safari. As much as I like Firefox when I use a PC at work, I cannot bring myself to use it on a Mac. It is slow to load and just doesn't feel like a Mac app. True, it does the same thing on Windows but on the Mac it's an irritation. (One can't expect a Windows application to "feel" like a Mac application after all...)

My favorite browser of all time is iCab of course, I've written about this previously. I stopped using iCab about a year ago because of it's incomplete implementation of CSS. As a webdeveloper it is my job to create sites that work in as many browsers as possible, but it is also my job to stay current. To do so means reading sites by leading webdevelopers. These sites are by their nature created using the latest webstandards. (And by latest I mean webstandards crafted in 1999.) If not they aren't leading webdevelopers, simple as that. If a browser cannot cope with that I stop using the browser. This is why Internet Explorer has never been my browser and probably never will, certainly not on Windows, where in some parts, Explorer is still behind the Mac version from 2000.

iCab 3.0 beta 222 was released to registered customers a week or two ago and I have used it since then but as far as I'm concerned it is a regression. True, the CSS implementation is pretty good, but the rest of the application just feels wrong. There's too much things unfinished. Things that worked fine in the old versions. Things like minimum fontsizes, providing direct links to CSS files and showing references for cite attributes in quotes etc. True, other browsers don't show these as well, but I've come to expect more of iCab.

So I've switched back to Safari. Much as it pains me.

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