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The little people
For the past week I've had these little people inside my skull beating on the back of my brain with their little hammers.
This is because I'm addicted to coffee and have stopped drinking it to calm my nerves. Seeing as the weeks leading up to the christmas holidays were pretty hectic I started getting health problems. I had these same problems a year or two ago and I had to make some changes in my mental state to cope with stress.
That's all in the past now, but the little people insist on coffee and I can't give it to them. I need to stay calm and relaxed and coffee simply does not help at this stage. What's amazing is the dependancy regular coffee drinkers have on the stuff. Withdrawal symptoms are mostly confined to a dull pounding at the back of the skull but if this continues for more than a week you'll get pretty tired of it, I can tell you.

So shut up little goblins! Just accept this nice honeyflavoured herbal beverage I'm supplying you with.

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