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Library systems are finally entering the 21st century
Via Librarian in Black: Sirsi will add RSS to its ILS.

A year ago when we were implementing our new library system I pestered the marketing drones people of GEAC, our ILS provider, about RSS and XML integration. They looked at me like I was crazy. They looked at me like they'd never heard of XML, let alone RSS.

Now that another provider has added RSS, expect to see a large number of OPACs jumping on the bandwagon. Which is a good thing in a major way. Even if hardly anyone uses RSS at the moment, the technology has proven itself useful and more and more people will get their news this way. Pretty soon people will come to expect RSS feeds from catalogs and related databases.

Truth be told: there are a couple of serials databases out there that recently started providing RSS feeds, but these are niche products. Expensive and used only by academic libraries. When RSS is added to library catalogs the amount of exposure to the general public will rise exponentially.

I realise this is probably of little to no concern for my regular readers, but this is a big thing. Believe me. It means that solutions providers are starting to take these kinds of notifications seriously and that the realisation that e-mail is becoming more and more unusable is growing rapidly.
It also proves that RSS is usable for more than just blogs with the obligatory friday selection of cat pictures. [Insert witty cat-allergy note here.]

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