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New NetNewsWire News
Wow, the latest beta of NetNewsWire has been released and it's pretty cool. New is the integration with Bloglines, meaning you can now use multiple machines to keep up with your favorite feeds, yet not have to worry about seeing items you've already read. Seeing as Bloglines is free it's a good system if you use multiple machines.

For the record, here's what I did to switch to Bloglines feeds.
  1. Export all your current subscriptions (from the NNW File menu) to an OPML file.
  2. Create a Bloglines account online.
  3. Import your just created OPML file.
  4. Go to the Library/Application Support folder in your home directory.
  5. Create a backup of the NetNewsWire folder for safety.
  6. In NNW delete all your feeds.
  7. Go to File > New Special Subscriptions > Bloglines...
  8. Enter your account details and download the feeds list.
  9. Subscribe to all the feeds.

To celebrate here's also the latest version of the Bluish Stylesheet for NNW.
Here's what's new:
  • Added a border around <blockquote> elements
  • Removed generated quotes around <blockquote> elements
  • Added the content of the cite attribute after <blockquote> if present
  • Numerous small changes to enhance the readability of posts
  • Changed the titlebar so it scrolls with the post instead of always being at the top, enhances scrolling using the spacebar


To install simply double-click the zip-file to unzip it and then double-click the resulting Bluish.nnwstyle file. NNW will become active and ask if it should install the stylesheet. (Answer 'Install Style' to that.)

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