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As I've said before I'm currently addicted to World of Warcraft (WoW).
So instead of apologising for the lack of updates around here I'll just bore you with some random stuff about the game.

Yesterday I finally hit the big 4-0. That is: my Tauren warrior character "Riktor" is now level 40. When your character gets this level you can buy a mount. For Tauren it's a kodo. Only problem of course is that these things are expensive. I thought it would cost me 40 gold, but it turns out the things cost 72 gold (for the basic version) or up to 900 gold (for the elite mounts). What's more, you have to undergo training to learn how to ride. This training consists of paying a trainer 18 gold. I had about 32 gold in the bank, so unfortunately I didn't get to buy a mount. I did learn how to ride but that's of little use.

In other news I've joined the Thorns of Grey guild.
We play on the Thunderhorn realm so if you want to join in meet us there.

We organised our first outing this weekend where we all went to a town called Booty Bay for a "photoshoot", a dance and a pool party.

Here's the intro slash brochure I wrote for the ToG forums:

I had the pleasure of visiting Booty Bay the other day and happened upon Mr. Whatsit Doo, the Public relations manager for the Steamwheedle Cartel. He kindly gave me permission to quote from his informational booklet titled "The Steamwheedle Cartel Guide to Booty Bay".

From: The Steamwheedle Cartel Guide to Booty BayŠ.

On behalf of the Steamwheedle Cartel I would like to thank you for your interest in taking a trip to Booty Bay along with the members of your Guild.
Our Guild outings are famous throughout the world of Thunderhorn!

Booty Bay provides excellent facilities and our Guild outings are a good opportunity to trade with others or get that special item you're after from one of our many vendors. In Booty Bay you will find the finest selection of merchandise across the entire southern coast of Azeroth.

Booty Bay from the water (click for bigger version).

Relax in The Salty Sailor Tavern, enjoy a chat with Baron Revilgaz, Superior Herbalist Flora Silverwind, Chief Engineer Scooty, Superior Fisherman Wigcik, Fireworks Merchant Crazk Sparks or simply buy that lovely parrot you've always been after. Booty Bay provides excellent fishing opportunities (we are famed for our Rockscale Cod and Firefin Snappers) as well as a host of exotic wildlife just outside the town boundaries. Adventurous people are requested to bring their own healing spells and potions as the Steamwheedle Cartel cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained outside (or even inside) the compound.

Members of both factions should note that Booty Bay is a cosmopolitan area and you may encounter members of different species who may look offensive. Just remember that to us you all look offensive. Haha, just kidding!
Please note that the Steamwheedle Cartel caters to members of all species and does not take sides, instead we deal with all parties in a completely fair manner that we are sure is adventageous and profitable for all. As such we have little patience for those tresspassing on our hospitality and we will deal severely with all those raiding our compound. We therefore request that you leave PvP options off during your Guild outings and inside the town.

You probably already know how to get to Booty Bay but just in case you don't.
For members of the Horde: the easiest way is by boat from our lovely sister town of Ratchet, you will arrive on the docks in Booty Bay.

Town entrance (click for bigger version).

For members of the Alliance who have never visited: you have an exciting road to travel. Travel south from Westfall through Stranglethorn Vale following the road closely. One of our previous visitors even swam from Westfall so eager was he to get to us! Make sure to speak with Gyll, the local Gryphon Master for your trip back.

In addition I would like to point you to the following website that contains detailed maps of the world so you can plan your trip:

In conclusion I hope you will have a lovely day in Booty Bay!


Whatsit Doo.
Public relations manager for the Steamwheedle Cartel.

Pics of said event can be found here.

I'll bore you all later when I've finished farming some raptors and doing some quests in order to get enough gold to buy a mount.

[edit]I have since left Thorns of Grey to form Exiled Ones, together with some friends from Thorns.[/edit]

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