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Well, that was slightly faster than expected. I got my mount today in World of Warcraft.

I did some warrior quests this week and they brought me good experience (raising me two levels to 42) and also a lot of money.

They brought good money simply because the monsters I had to kill had horrible drop rates for the items I needed to gather. I had to kill some elementals like fire, water and wind and and as they drop their stuff infrequently I had to kill loads, so more experience. I also had to kill loads of trolls to gather tusks. The trolls also dropped loads of silver and silk (which can be made into bandages to sell or use) and other stuff like useless (to me) weapons. I also made loads of curiously tasty omelets and roast raptor which sells well.

In addition I got a very nice two-handed axe as a reward.

So I'm starting to catch up on warrior skills I skipped buying and I'm also starting the wild leather quest which will eventually lead me to the tribal leatherworking specialisation.

Here's a pic of me on my new mount (a grey kodo) in the Barrens, en route to Dustwallow Marsh:
Big version in PDF.

The staff thing at my back is the handle of the axe which is almost bigger than I am :)

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