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iTunes database to MySQL pt. V
Once again we revisit that old favorite. The script to put iTunes data into MySQL.

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This time it is because I've been getting a lot of mail lately (well, three to be exact) about the fact that the script by Nikita Zhuk of MacZsoftware that I use to put iTunes data into a database isn't available anymore and that the website hosting it appears to have vanished into thin air.

So I've packaged my search script along with the needed files by MacZsoftware for your downloading pleasure.
Download the scripts.

Please note that these aren't the exact same files as originally distributed. I've lost the readme and provided my own. Also these scripts are meant to be run from the commandline and not from a browser, with the exception of intune.php, the search script. The original author did provide this functionality but I've commented most of that out as it takes forever with a library of any decent size. (Just schedule the commandline version on a regular basis and things will go much smoother and faster.)
I have also added workarounds for ampersands in track-data and added support for the Grouping metadata Apple provided in a release of iTunes later than the original script (though the search script does nothing with that info, hack that in yourself if you feel like it).

Only tested on Mac OS X 10.3 with iTunes 4 and later. Use at your own risk and for gods' sake read the disclaimer in the provided readme and don't email me for support on getting this running. Use the comment form on this post if you need it but I can't guarantee getting this running on your machine.

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