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Over on the Virtual Pet Rock forums we have been asked whether there will come a version of VPR for Dashboard.

My reply is below:
Actually I was thinking about this too when I first saw Dashboard.

If we were to write VPR now it could well be as a dashboard widget, however VPR was written some time ago and is considered a "done" project. That means we are unlikely to add to the program or rewrite it for another platform (which Dashboard would be). I must also note that since receiving OS X 10.4 I have played around a bit with Dashboard and I simply don't like it. The whole mini-programs in a separate layer just rubs me the wrong way. Why would I want to switch to another layer to view the weather, calendar items and look up definitions in a dictionary if I already have my Safari, iCal and whatnot open? A controller for iTunes that exists in a separate layer, but for which I also have to open the regular program? Please, whoever thought of that is insane.

While I won't categorically deny the possibility of a Virtual Pet Rock widget it's extremely unlikely to happen, sorry.

In short: Dashboard makes a cool selling point, but ultimately it's not something that will make a huge difference to people's lives.
So far I like 10.4 (Tigger) but I'm still not convinced the upgrade was worth the price. Reviews state it is faster than 10.3 but I don't notice this, except in startup time which has decreased slightly. Spotlight might make a difference to me in the future, if it speeds up a bit, but it's too early to tell as my document folder pretty well organised.

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