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Sometimes computerusers do the weirdest things. Today I got a call from a secretary who was trying to insert a photo in a webpage. Despite several tries this simply wasn't working for her.

Turns out the photo was send to her as a .bmp file (shudder) and she knew she had to convert it into a jpeg for display in a webpage.
So she renamed the image in Windows Explorer, thinking that would fix it. It was at that point that she called me and I had to explain the difference between simply renaming a file and changing it's format through the use of some simple commands in an image editing application.

All turned out well but it got me to thinking about the issue. In reality what she tried to do wasn't that odd. If an operating system allows you to change the file extension why not go the whole way and actually convert the image to the new format. Of course this could lead to degradation and artifacts so it would be best if the system threw up a window warning the user of this and allowing them to preview the image.

I made a quick mockup of how this window could look. It would be preferable of course to give the user some additional options like zooming in on the image, controlling destination formats etc.

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