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Netinfo woes
I was going to write a glowing review of the new Google Analytics (GA) program as I've been given access to the statistics for the site of our World of Warcraft raiding coalition. Unfortunately GA can not be viewed on Safari so I dusted off Firefox and used that. GA has some really nifty features but unfortunately Firefox crashed on me. Hard.
So hard in fact that the Netinfo database became corrupted and I had no way to log into my laptop anymore. For the uninitiated, the Netinfo database stores the usernames and passwords for all accounts on an OS X system, including accounts that are used for obscure UNIX utility users you normally don't access.

So I had two options: wait until I got home and try to reset the password using the install cds or follow this hint and set up a new user.
I chose the latter so that I can continue working for today and sort out the rest later.

I'll do a review of GA later when I get some real work done.

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