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Startling news leaves Mac-users baffled
Following the startling news that Apple's Dictionary application allows one to view webpages Mac-users the world over are baffled as to what this means for the future of their productive lives.

I'm just not sure what this means, moaned Jurjan Dijkstra, chief programmer of OOOk Apps. Is this good or bad? How will this impact future development of new versions of OOOkTunes? Does this mean I will have to release a universal binary of Virtual Pet Rock for Intel Macs? I'm just not sure about anything anymore.

According to his girlfriend the normally stolid developer has taken to sitting in dark corners, listening to Björk and eating chocolate icecream. It's Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as well, she told this website. Adding: which I was saving for a rainy day.

The whole world over developers and users alike are struggling with how to cope with this important news, casually referred to as a "tip" on Mac OS X Hints, a website devoted to publishing tips and tricks (sometimes of dubious value) surrounding the use of Apple software.

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