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I'm suffering from a mild case of technophobia right now so I thought I'm procrastinating ever so slightly. I've played 3 games of MacSolitaire so far and won 1 of them which is pretty good as I win about 15% of my games (the game calculates this for me, I don't actually keep a record, I'm not that sad).

My problem is the new CMS we are going to use for the library websites soonish. I say soonish as we currently have around a zillion pages made in Dreamweaver (and BBEdit of course) and we have to transfer the contents to the Microsoft CMS (MCMS from now on) some bigwigs decided was the bees' knees. When this project will be finished is anyone's guess though we're optimistically hoping for some time in december (which means around christmas at the soonest).

I've worked in big CMSes before and the experience was painful to say the least but all at least allowed me to get started pretty quickly and create a few pages. I have also worked with Microsoft Sharepoint and although I abhor the code it produces at least the editing environment allows you to quickly create and fill pages. I was kind of hoping MCMS would be like that but my hopes have been dashed on the rocky shores that is called bad UI design. (Here be dragons!)

On logging in I am presented by a design that is so horrifyingly stark I am sure I'm missing something because I logged in using Firefox and the page is styled using MS proprietary stuff so I log back in with Internet Explorer and the page is still the same bland list of links. Some digging reveals the page I am supposed to start with and on clicking Edit I am confronted by a page overflowing with textarea's and weird edit controls, all arranged more or less haphazardly as if whoever designed the backend took his 3 year old kid to the office and went away to get a coffee, while the kid finished the page (imagine a kid with a new box of crayons and a big white empty sheet and you will begin to appreciate the amount of pastel background-colours on the page). About the only thing I can actually quickly recognise is the box where I can fill in metadata, which I jump on. Having done that I delve into the manual which some kind soul has written for us web-slaves, but which doesn't in fact tell me anything other than: this is what we use. How to use it is left as an exercise for the reader; so it looks like I'll be spending some quality time in the cellar of failed Microsoft UI design in the near future.

Hence my procrastinating. I am sure I can get that 15% up somehow...

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