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Ah work.

Always good to come back after 5 weeks of holidays and start afresh. Unless of course your faculty has been rebuilding during the summer and on a whim decided to also do your room. Except they kinda sorta forgot to finish it so your room is empty and your stuff is parked somewhere random in a corridor.

So I went home but here the water is cut off so I am ignoring the pile of washing up I need to do and will pass my time by catching up on the mail.

In other news I ate a banana so my day is made.

Here is a funny banana related text from WoW I may not have mentioned yet:
Damp Diary Page (Day 87)
These months have given me time to ponder, to shuffle loose my old beliefs and bigotries. Alliance? Horde? Good? Evil? The meanings of these words, once so clear, now blur as my eyes gaze across the boundless sea.

I now know what matters. The bananas are after me.

Perched high in their tree, they eye me with cool malevolence. And the last one I tried to eat nearly gagged me! I could almost hear it scream as I smashed it, half bitten, on the sea rocks.

It's war, and I will win it.

This from Damp Diary Page (Day 87), there are 2 more but I haven't fished them up yet. Do a search for Damp Diary Page on Thotbott for the text if you like.

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