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The Enigmo Frustration
I've been playing some Pangea games the last few days. Nanosaur and Cro-Mag Rally, which came with my PowerMac and iBook respectively if I recall correctly, are great fun. While I'm not a great fan of first person shooters, which Nanosaur essentially is, I can happily play it for an hour or so. Cro-Mag rally is cool as well, a standard racing game set in a sort of Flintstone era.

I had some fun with these and decided to check out the demo of Enigmo 1 which I remembered playing from a disk that came with a magazine a while back. Enigmo 1 is a puzzle game (always fun) where you have to redirect streams of water or fire to fill a container using only a few parts like boosterdrums, planks and whatnot. To add to the complexity certain levels require you to throw switches to start a secondary stream or open a gateway.

Great fun, I looked at the Pangea site and saw there was a new version of Enigmo. Enigmo 2 starts out pretty good with added lasers and mirrors and particles and magnets to attract said particles, these add a new twist to the game and are quite fun.

The problem however soon becomes apparent as the game is now more or less truly 3d. The first Enigmo was 3d in the same vein as Tron was 3d, that is: not at all but it gives the illusion. Enigmo 2 does feature 3d with parallel streams of water. I simply could not get the hang of that. So I figured I'd check the web to see if I was missing something obvious and did a search for "Enigmo level 8", which is where I was stuck. I came across an excellent article that explains why I'm having so much trouble, like the author I am used to a quite different way of moving in 3d space in games.

Having read this article I think that version 2 is broken as designed. There is no way I will put myself through the horrific learning curve to cope with this game's broken engine. Back to version 1 then.

I encourage you to try out both the demos for version 1 and 2 to experience this for yourself, I think you'll agree that version 2 starts out promising but is unplayable once the real 3d part starts.

I hate poorly designed games :(.

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