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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Socks!
My good friend Jurjan and I have a sort of general rule about clothes. Whenever you want to buy them you have to take a half day off from work, trying to buy clothes in a weekend is futile, you'll just put it off till next week. Taking a half day off work means you actually have to go to the shops otherwise you're stealing from yourself. Kindof.

Which is all leading up to my new sock scheme. I have finally bitten the bullet and thrown out all my old socks and replaced them with brand new ones. They are all the same type and same shade of black so matching them up after they have been washed will become easy.
No more socks with holes, no more socks with loose elastic, no more unmatched socks!
I figure the 10 pair I bought will last me at least a year, after that I can just repeat the procedure.

Take charge of your life and do the same. Say no to the tyranny and oppression of sock-i-tude.

Edit: For more sock related thoughts check out the following blog: Socks: Bane of my Existance.

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