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The humanity!
You know your career is taking a dangerous path when you're being asked to take a seat in an interdepartmental Web 2.0 thinktank.

It's beyond belief. They want me to think about possible Web 2.0 ventures for the library. This from an institution that firmly believes in not hiring developers. This is not just a belief, it's a goddamned policy! I have a mildly amusing saying about policies btw: is this policy or has someone actually thought about this? The two seem mutually exclusive to me.

Anyway, what can I tell them? That I really like the Ann Arbor LIbrary Catalog? Try it out, it contains some fun stuff. This would mean ditching our ILS of course. And hiring a developer after getting an extensible platform. And would our librarians be able to come to terms with having people add "tags" to our materials? I have serious doubts on this but that's neither here nor there, maybe I'll expand on that in a later post.

I am decidedly sceptic on corporate blogs and wikis and stuff. In a sense they're rather boring, possibly because they don't contain any cats or cephalopods to spice up fridays. I've already added numerous RSS feeds of new acquisitions to our site but they're rather dependant on a homebaked system (I hacked some stuff together in Perl, despite us not having developers, naughty me) which may or may not collapse at any moment as our top information manager want to pull the plug on the server that houses the script, presumably on the thought that it will save us about 10 euros a year on electricity or something dumb.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you to spread the pain. If you want to engage your customers for gods sake don't follow the trendy hip things happening in the web. Think about areas that need improving and make it happen. Don't create a thinktank to ponder stuff. Get coding!

What next: a virtual library in the greatest of failures: Second LIfe? A world populated by furries, journos and marketeers, yet devoid of actual real-life customers?

Web 2.0. Good Grief!

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